Stabilizer Solutions, Inc. Readies the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium for the NCAA Women’s Softball College World Series

Posted 12 years ago

PHOENIX– May 31, 2011 – As the final eight teams from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Women’s Softball College World Series (CWS) descends upon the Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; it’ll be ready. Phoenix-based, Stabilizer Solutions, Inc., a soil technology company, has outfitted the warning track with its acclaimed Hilltopper® Warning Track Mix to keep it stable and capable of holding up during the tough competition.
Stabilizer’s Hilltopper Warning Track Mix is comprised of natural soil enhanced with polymer, a bonding agent that binds the soil particles together, keeping the track stable. This unique polymer also provides additional protection from the elements, especially the Oklahoma rain. A product that produces no dust, Stabilizer’s Hilltopper mix allows groundskeepers and maintenance crews to drive over it, without covering the bleachers in dust. Hilltopper also holds moisture at the appropriate level, requiring no additional watering.

Ryan Savage, head groundskeeper for the Hall of Fame Stadium shared, “The biggest challenge we have to prepare for the CWS is moving the outfield fence in, to comply with the Women’s NCAA standards. Putting in the Hilltopper Warning Track allows us the flexibility to pick up the track, move it, and reuse it when we need to.”

“The warning track is one of the most crucial elements of any playing field,” said Jon Hubbs, president and CEO of Stabilizer Solutions, Inc. “By utilizing our Hilltopper Warning Track Mix to fortify it’s warning track, the athletes playing in the Women’s Softball College World Series can rest assured that it will perform better than ever, in any weather condition.”

The ASA Hall of Fame field already utilizes Stabilizer Solutions’ Hilltopper Mound clay on it’s pitching mound. Less coarse than the warning track mix, the Hilltopper Mound Clay reinforces the pitching mound without the need of water, resulting in fewer holes and less need for costly repairs. Additionally, the company’s Stabilizer® infield amendment was blended with the existing infield mix to help stabilize the infield in rainy conditions and hold onto moisture longer in dry conditions.

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