Houston Astros Start New Season in New League with New Warning Track

Posted 8 years ago

Photo courtesy of Fansided.com

The Houston Astros opened the 2013 baseball season with a victory on Sunday against the Texas Rangers. This was a historic night for the Astros as the team has moved from the National League Central Division to the American League West Division. This realignment puts the team in direct divisional competition with the Texas Rangers.

There was another first on Sunday night. It was also the first night that the Houston Astros debuted their new Hilltopper Waterless Warning Track. Although rain is not an issue, being in a retractable roofed stadium, the problem is dust accumulation inside a domed environment. With the new Hilltopper Waterless Warning Track., the groundskeepers no longer have to worry about coating the seats with dust after a routine drag.

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