Stabilizer Solutions Receives Top Honors from the NFL Players Association (NFLPA)

Posted 10 years ago

PHOENIX– February 9, 2011 – When the NFLPA released their biennial ranking of NFL stadium fields earlier this month, two things were made clear: players prefer to play on grass and when they play, they prefer to play on the StaLok® Fiber reinforced field at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. StaLok Fiber, produced by soil technology company Stabilizer Solutions, is natural, reinforced turf and has been ranked the league’s best grass playing field for the past two consecutive surveys. The results were tallied from the responses of more than 1,500 active NFL players in the 2010 NFL Players Playing Surfaces Opinion Survey.

The University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, is a field unlike any other. The 94,000 square foot playing field sits on a 10,000 ton tray, allowing it to retract 714 feet —making it both a playing surface inside and outside the stadium. But what is really spectacular is the meticulous design of the field itself. Stabilizer Solutions’ StaLok® Fiber, a synthetic fiber that mimics a natural grass root, was selected to reinforce the root zone of the natural turf, increasing the turf’s load bearing capacity without increasing compaction. The fiber helps the turf withstand the impact of an NFL game when the field is inside, while promoting proper grass growth when the field is outside. StaLok Fiber also helps maintain the grade of the field, so the field stays flat from preseason to postseason. It is these meticulous choices of materials that have made the University of Phoenix Stadium a field that the professionals continue to rank as their number one pick.

“The NFL Players Playing Surfaces Opinions Survey solidifies the commitment we’ve made to providing exceptional playing surfaces for athletes in every sport,” said Stabilizer Solutions President Jon Hubbs. “I’d like to extend my congratulations to the sports turf managers at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Tim Peterson, Andy Levy and Bob Schindler, for a job well done.”
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