Texas Ranch Wins ASLA Award, Stabilized D.G. Trails

Posted 8 years ago

Bill Timmerman

Bill Timmerman

Bill Timmerman

Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Inc. has earned an ASLA Honor Award for its work on the Mill Creek Ranch in Vanderpool, Texas.  The ASLA Awards Jury singled out this design for its importance as a model for all overgrazed ranch-lands.

“Site sensitive design and restoration strategies developed in collaboration with the owner and contractor have given new life to a critical Central Texas landscape while providing the client with new opportunities to connect with nature. Distinguished by the use of native materials, simple lines, and graceful transitions from house and garden to the wild, this project has been recognized in several publications for both the elegance of its design and the success of its restoration. It has become a model for the countless overgrazed and abused ranches in the American West, and simultaneously highlights the hidden beauty of the rugged Texas landscape.” - -ASLA Awards Jury, ASLA.org

Keeping trails true to native form, Stabilized Decomposed Granite was used as the trail surfacing.  The ASLA Awards Jury further discussed how the trails came to be within the ranch road rerouting:

“The ranch road, once situated within a sensitive riparian area, was re-routed and its former footprint re-vegetated to create a more site-responsive entry experience, while new trails lead from the house and connect to the larger ranch area.”

To read the entire project narrative by the ASLA Awards Jury, click here.

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