Teardrop Park Wins ASLA Award, StaLok Fiber Reinforced Slope Plays Role

Posted 14 years ago

Project Profile: Teardrop Park, New York, NY

Application: The “Lawn Bowl” landforms / multi-use green space

Teardrop Park is unique in its scope to open dialogue between human construction and naturalism. Designed with children in mind, the project provides opportunities for discovery and play within the constructed natural environment instead of common playground equipment. Teardrop Park was designed alongside strict guidelines for sustainability utilizing scientific studies to shape the concept. Set between multiple high-rise apartment buildings and steps from the river, solar and wind studies determined the layout of the park. The Lawn Bowl, where StaLok® Fibers were used to reinforce the root-zone of the grass, was tilted southward to better absorb the natural light. According to solar studies, the “Lawn Bowl” occupies an area with the longest hours of sunlight so children can roll and run and sunbathers can make the most of the day.

Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.,
New York, NY & Cambridge, MA

Client: The Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority
Artists: Ann Hamilton & Michael Mercil, Columbus, OH

Awards 2009 ASLA Professional Awards Honor Award in the General Design category

The Lawn Bowl turf area reinforced with StaLok® Fibers Teardrop Park, NYC

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